Wheel bouillon                                                 890.-
(With rich chicken meat, carrot, spiral pasta)
Bouillon with duck liver dumplings                   890.-
Bouillon in a cup                                              590.-
(With spiral pasta, crepes pasta, eggs)
Cheese cream soup in cup with bacon chips    790.-
Fruit soup with roasted almonds                    690.-
Tartare beefsteak                                       2990.-
Caesar salad with grilled chicken strips       1890.-
We charge 70% for our small portion dishes
Our dishes without meat
Trappsita cheese in breadcrumb coating      1790.-
Camembert breadcrumb coating                       1790.-
Smoked ewe-cheese fried in cast iron          2690.-
with mixed salad                                                
Mushroom in breadcrumb coating                 1190.-
Egg noodles                                                    990.-
Our tradition preserving dishes
Fried bone marrow with tartar sauce           1690.-
Fried cow heel with tartar sauce                  2190.-
Tripe stew                                                    1790.-
Bone marrow tripe stew                                1990.-
Red wine beef stew with egg noodles            2190.-
Main dishes
Witch chicken breast                                   2490.-
(Chicken breast fillet filled with walnut Camembert, apple, peach, baked in almond homemade bread crumbs)
Four cheese chicken breast                         2490.-
(Chicken breast fillet filled with green spiced, 4 cheese delicacy, baked in multigrain homemade bread crumbs)
Sheep cheese chicken breast                       2490.-
(Chicken breast filled with dill sheep cheese, smoked chuck baked in homemade breadcrumbs)
Grain chicken                                               2190.-
(Chicken fillet baked in multigrain homemade bread crumbs)
Pan-fried chicken                                         2490.-
(Chicken breast strips stirred in with pepper, tomato and piquant sheep cheese sauce)
Green spiced chicken                                   1890.-
(Chicken breast marinated in fresh garden spices, baked on cast iron)
Fruity chicken                                              2490.-
(We caramelize fresh fruits and pile them on top of a cast iron baked chicken breast)
Duck liver rolled chicken                              2490.-
(Chicken breast filled with spicy roast duck liver, rolled in bacon and baked on cast iron)
Hunyadi chicken                                           2490.-
(With chicken filled with cheese, pickles, green onions rolled in bacon, baked on cast iron with cheese dip)
Wheel “borzas”                                             2190.-
(Chicken breast fillet baked in potato coat, spread with garlic sour cream and shredded cheese)
Cast iron roasted duck liver                          1990.-
(Spicy roast duck liver, baked and topped with onion stack)
Óbuda highwayman’s roast                            1990.-
(Garlic pork clod marinated in homemade spices baked on cast iron with roasted sausage cockscomb bacon on top)
Wheel pan                                                    2990.-
(Medallion strips aged in our own made spice mix baked together with onion, tomato, pepper, mushroom and garlic, piled on roasted potato)
“Blue ribbon” as we prepare it                      2490.-
(Pork cutlet filled with green spiced cheese and home smoked ham, rolled in breadcrumb, baked)
Big Wiener schnitzel                                    2490.-
(From pork medallions)
Beef steak with green spiced butter            3690.-
Beef steak with red wine forest flap mushroom sauce                                                            3990.-
Our dishes do not include the price of the sides
We charge 70% for our small portion dishes
Fish and Game dishes
Carp fish soup                                               1990.-
(With fillet carp and chitterlings)
Garlic carp fillet                                           2190.-
(Carp fillet baked in a roast pan with garlic spice butter on top)
Almond catfish fillet                                    2490.-
(Deep fried catfish fillet in homemade almond breadcrumb)
Catfish Paprikash with sheep cheese noodles, fried diced bacon and sour cream                3490.-
Venison fillet with red wine forest flap mushroom sauce and homemade potato donut               2990.-
Venison fillet with blueberry sauce and homemade potato donut                                                2990.-
For kids
Fried cheese with French fries                    1440.-
Fried chicken breast                                    1440.-
with mashed potatoes                                 
Side dishes
Jasmine rice                                                         500.- 
Steak potatoes                                              500.-
Crushed potatoes                                          600.-
with onion and goose greaves                       
Mashed potatoes                                         500.-
Parsley potatoes                                            500.-
Grilled vegetables                                             900.- 
Potato donut                                                  600.-
Dill sheep cheese noodles                             1200.-
Cottage cheese noodles                                1090.-
Wheel salad                                                   900.-
Fresh mixed salad                                          900.-
Cucumber salad                                              500.-
Tomato salad                                                  500.-
Cabbage salad                                                500.-
Vinegar pickled green pepper                         500.-
Pickles                                                            500.-
Hungarian sponge cake                                   890.-
Wheel delicacy                                               890.-
Cottage cheese dumplings                              990.-
Cottage cheese crepes                                   890.-
with sweet sour cream                                 
Crepes with jam (homemade marmalade)        890.-
Chestnut puree with rum cherry                    890.-
Hand crafted parfait                                     990.-
Our oven roasted and cauldron cooked dishes
Goulash in a cauldron with noodles                         990.-
Home style letcho (spring to fall)                 1690.-
Crispy baked, rolled lean pork bacon                 2590.- 
Crushed potato with onion and goose greaves, applesauce                                                    2590.-
Pork rib with sheep cheese noodles              2590.-
Pork trotters a’la “Pékné”                             2590.-
Drunken trotters                                         2590.-
 with sheep cheese noodles
Crispy duck thigh                                         2990.-
 with sheep cheese noodles
Crispy duck thigh                                         2990.-
 with prune braised in red wine and mashed  potatoes